Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Week in the Life 2014: Tuesday

This week I am sharing the pages from my 2014 Week in the Life album. Yesterday, I shared the pages from Monday and today it's all about Tuesday.

WITL 2014_Tues 1

Tuesday starts, as most of my mornings do, with coffee in one of my favorite mugs...

WITL 2014_Tues 2

and some a.m. gaming.

WITL 2014_Tues 3

Ben is home with me on Tuesday mornings. These pictures show a bit about our life - pics of our home and him in his favorite jammies.

WITL 2014_Tues 4

Then there are pics that are all about Halloween and how much he loves that holiday - just like me.

WITL 2014_Tues 5

Another hashtag photo.

WITL 2014_Tues 6

I love his sweet, sweet face and those kissable cheeks.

WITL 2014_Tues 7

Some more divided page protectors and the first of many selfies. I never think to hand my camera to some one so they can take my picture so I love selfies. It's the best way I've found to get me in my albums.

WITL 2014_Tues 8

WITL 2014_Tues 9

Here's another selfie, this time of me and Sam. Sam works pretty traditional hours so he's usually home at those hours when the lighting is poor at home. I think that's why I have so few photos with Sam in them. Clearly, I need to address the lighting issues in my house.

WITL 2014_Tues 10

And another selfie...me and Ben. I told you I like a selfie.

And that was our Tuesday.

The one disadvantage to putting this album together so long after Week in the Life took place is the gaps. I know it is going to be impossible to include all the details in this album. First, it's a much smaller album than the size I usually use. Not everything is going to fit in an album this size. Second, it's been a while and a lot has happened since Week in the Life. I'm sure I'm forgetting things but I'm trying not to care. I keep reminding myself that done is better than perfect because you know what? It really is.

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