Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Paperie Kit Club Reveal Week

Hey there!

It's been awhile but now that summer is practically over and school is starting tomorrow it seems like the perfect time to blow off the cobwebs (so to speak) and get back to blogging.

So, let's get talk about The Paperie's September Kit, shall we?

The September kit was a joy to use. One of my favorite parts of this month's kit was a little glassine bag full of sequins and buttons - especially the sequins. And when I love something I don't hold back.

Sept LO 1_closeup 2

Nope. Not a bit of restraint.

Sept LO 1_closeup 2

The trick to getting all those sequins and confetti and buttons to stick is a multi-medium sandwich. I poured some of my favorite multi-medium by Liquitex on my cardstock. Then I carelessly and with much abandon, threw everything on the page. Then I poured more Liquitex multi-medium on top of everything else and spread it around with my finger - to make sure everything was sandwiched in-between the layers of multi-medium. Easy as that. And if you don't like sticky fingers, just spread the multi-medium with a stick or brush.

Here's the final page.

Cathie_Sept Kit_1

And there you have it. An easy way to get as many sequins as you want on a page. If you have any questions about this page including techniques or supplies, just post it in the comments. I promise to reply.

Thanks for stopping by!


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