Thursday, 3 January 2013

December Daily Highlights - part 2

Hi Friends!

Yesterday I shared some of the highlights from my 2012 December Daily. Today, I'm going to share a few of my very favorite pages before I pack it away with the Christmas decorations.

Here we go...

On December 11, we had an unexpected delivery and one of the boys' presents was left at the door. In the rain. In a puddle. And Gabriel saw it. We quickly convinced him that the parcel was for some one else and that Daddy was going to take it back to the delivery company. Crisis averted!

I had to include this story but I didn't have any pics. I could have just left it with the journaling but I found this perfect page in an old Christmas book. I added a seal from Martha Stewart's collection for Staples and some glittery Thickers to tie it all together. I love this simple solution.

Dec 11

On December 12, I did take 12 pics but I didn't want to put them all in my December Daily. Instead, I chose this picture of Sam reading Ben his letter from Santa.  I'm always more excited than the kids when their letters arrive. I love this tradition.

Dec 12

This year,  I tucked the letters into the envelope/page.

Dec 12_closeup

And, of course, I had to scrap this pic of Mac.

Dec 15

Her face is so expressive in this pic that I didn't add any journaling.

And finally, here's December 21...

Dec 21

I love this page because it's so simple. Just goes to prove that your December Daily doesn't have to be complicated. A date stamp, some Thickers and letter stickers and it's done. I tucked some of this year's shopping lists into the envelope.

And that's my December Daily for another year. I'm glad it's over. I always am but I know I'll do it again next year. I love it.

Some final thoughts...
  • Photo printing. This year I had some challenges getting photos printed and that was frustrating.  I know lots of people use at home printers but I'm not sure that's the solution for me but I can see how it makes things easier.
  • Foundation pages.  I liked how easy it was to put ephemera into the envelope pages but the paper of the envelopes was too thin for any of the techniques I was hoping to use. I'm not sure I'll use them again next year. We'll see. 
  • Time. It's an issue every year because Christmas is so so busy. Task batching is a great solution.  Maybe it's sticking down photos or jouraling but I do something almost everyday.
  • Journaling or daily notes. Another key to getting my December Daily done is notes. If I don't have time for journaling, I will use Post-It notes so I know what goes where.
  • Add something new. This helps keeps it fresh and fun. I did like adding the book pages and the photos and stories from my childhood. I know I'll use those elements again next year. And maybe next year, I'll get some of Sam's childhood pics and stories in there too.
Now it's time to move on to some new scrappy projects. I have The Paperie's January kit on my desk calling my name.

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