Thursday, 9 August 2012

How to get started with your new scrapbooking kit...

Hey, hey!

I'm finally getting around to sharing the last layout I made using the Paperie's July kit.  This was the first layout I made last month and it is one of my favorites. I mean, that smile, how could I not scrap it?

Sneak Peek_7

The Paperie's kit is my first experience with kit clubs and, I'll admit it, I'm hooked.  Everything is wonderfully coordinated and there's lots of new product to paw over so opening my kit for the first time each month is exciting. It's also a little intimidating but here are a few tips I use to get started using my new kit each month.

  1. Open everything up. I take everything out and look at it. I open packages. I dump things out. I flip over the papers. Seriously, I look at everything. This is one of my favorite ways to get my mojo going.
  2. Get out your photos. Once I've seen everything, I usually have an idea of the pictures I want to scrap.  I might not use all the pics I pull but digging through my photos is another great way to get the creative juices flowing. It gets me thinking about how I want to put my kit supplies together to make my first page.
  3. Put away your other supplies and only use your kit. I'm not talking about your inks or sprays or punches or most favorite stamps. I'm talking about paper and embellishments.  You  have those things in your kit and picking through your stash will only slow you down.  Just forget about that oh-so-perfect-flower-you-have-if-only-you-could-find-it and use what's in your kit. Trust me, this is a creative constraint that will help you get your pages done.
  4. Just cut the paper. The first cut is always the scariest for me because I only have one sheet of each paper and once I cut it...well, it's cut! Then I remind myself it's only paper. It's not life or death. After that, it's much easier to make the next cut and the next until I have my first page.
My goal is to use as much of the kit as I can each month and the best way to do that is to get started. I hope these tips help you break out your latest kit and make some pages you love.

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