Sunday, 13 May 2012

around here...Mother's Day


...had a lovely Mother's Day. very happy to have two happy healthy boys. very busy these days but is happy to be doing what she loves.
...spent the evening with her Mom - that was lovely.

he... still a Wii fiend.
...has started playing with his trains again. starting to read.  I mean, really read.  It's exciting.

he... walking absolutely everywhere. Won't be long before he's running.
... is teething again. Teething is hard for him so he's not sleeping well, poor little love.
...will give hugs and kisses if you ask for them. It's so adorable.

...once again managed to avoid the camera this week.
...worked hard all day so she could have her lovely Mother's Day.
...bbq's the best steak - ever.  No lie.

And that was our week.

Hope you had a wonderful one, too.



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