Friday, 7 October 2016

Art Journal Joy: October Challenge - Week 1

Today, I'm sharing the photos from my first week of my October daily challenge. I decided to stay with a mini art journal size. This month, I'm using a Large Landscape Journal from Hand Book Journal Co. Don't let the word "large" fool you though. This journal only measures 5.5x8.5". It is larger than last month's journal but I'm ok with it. It gives me more room to play but it's still small enough to complete a page each day.

This month I have chosen collage as my theme. I ended last month's challenge playing with collage. That means that I can make anything I want as long as it's a collage. I have a lot of ideas that I want to try so it seems like the perfect theme for this month.

Here's a look at my pages this week.

October 7_3

October 7_1

October 7_4

October 7_5

October 7_6

October 7_7

October 7_8

October 7_9

October 7_10

Some Thoughts on a Creating a Daily Practice

I admit it, a daily practice can be overwhelming. I find it's best to think about it as something I am going to do today.  If I think about this as a practice that I'm going to do everyday for a year, for example, I get overwhelmed and I start to doubt myself.  What will I make? Where will I find the time everyday? If I think of it like a great big project there is too much opportunity for doubt and self-sabotage to creep in.

I like to think of it in terms of what I'm doing today. I plan what I'm going to do in advance. I just think to myself, "What am I going to make today?" Sometimes I have great ideas and sometimes I have no ideas - zero. That's where having a theme each month is helpful. It isn't limiting. Instead, it inspires my creativity because it's a starting point. It's the first step of the process...well, my process anyway. The next step and the step after that all flow from there.

Somedays it's easier than others but it is always worth the effort. It feels good - really good - to make something and share it everyday. I appreciate every like and every follow I get on Instagram but it's more than that too. It is self-satisfying. I make myself happy because I am making time to do something I love. Does that make sense?

I would love for you to join me on Instagram. You can usually find me there - sharing what I'm making and seeking inspiration.  My handle is @cathiereed

Thanks for stopping by today.


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