Monday, 13 April 2015

Put It All On The Page: Enamel Dots

Hi Friends,

I own exactly two packages of enamel dots. It's not because I don't like enamel dots because I do very much. It's because I like to use my enamel dots to make pages like this...

April 13_1

It's all a part of my "Put It All On the Page" Philosophy. Basically, I use everything (or almost everything) in a package on a single page.

April 13_2

I'd rather have a stack full of pages than a bin full of supplies.

April 13_3

There's nothing wrong with organizing supplies and there's nothing wrong with hoarding some of your very favorite favorites. I love to organize my stash and have been known to hoard pretty pieces of paper and the perfect embellishments from time to time. Confession: I have 5 unopened packages of Studio Calico tiny wood veneer stars.

April 13_4

However, I've been scrapping long enough to know that trends will change...

April 13_5

and my tastes will change.

April 13_6

I know that if I don't use my favorite supplies today, I will end up donating them eventually.

April 13_8

That's a good option for old supplies but not nearly as fun or creative as making something with my favorite supplies. Right now. Today, while they're still exciting and new and awesome.

April 13_7

There is something indulgent and extravagant about using up a few packs of enamel dots. The same is true when using a whole package of diecuts or wood veneers. I encourage you to try it. I insist. Even if you only try it once, do it. Even if it's just to have the experience, do it. Even if it's just to try something new or to step outside your comfort zone, do it. If you have more packages than you can store - you should definitely do it.

Supplies are meant to be used, my friends. They are meant to be scattered across your pages and shared with your family and friends. I promise there will be more - more paper, more diecuts, more embellishments, more enamel dots and more beautiful things that have yet to be created. I promise.

Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. Excellent post! "I'd rather have a stack full of pages than a bin full of supplies"...great philosophy!!

    I'm off to use up some of my hoard!

    Shine on!