Friday, 21 November 2014

Doodles in My Art Journal: A Class Recap

Hello Friends,

As I mentioned earlier this week, I have an art journaling class scheduled for next week. You can find out more by reading this post or contactingThe Paperie.

Today, I want to share a recap of last month's class which was all about doodling.  There are as many ways to doodle as you can possibly imagine. Some of my favorite doodlers are: Alisa Burke, Joanne Sharpe and Traci Bautista. Traci has a wonderful book called Doodles Unleashed

 I have learned a lot by taking their online classes and reading their books but it wasn't until I really practiced doodling that I finally found my doodle. It looks something like this...

Nov 21_5

and like this...

Nov 21_4

I call it a swirly-doo. For my class last month, I experimented with mixing stamps and my swirly-doo and came up with this doodle...

Nov 21_1

I used a girl from Dina Wakley's Scribbly Girls set and doodled her some hair. Most everyone in class commented on her similarity to Medusa.  I used only one pen, my favorite, the Sakura Pigma Micron. I used the .01 nib but I have many different sizes of this pen. It is just the loveliest black and great for doodles.

I also created this girl to share with the class...

Nov 21_7

This time, I used a stamp from Face in the Crowd  set again by Dina Wakley and doodled a dress for her. I'm not much of a stamper but this worked for me.

Here are some closeups...

Nov 21_8

I used a bunch of pens and markers in my doodle pen basket - mostly Sharpies and Tombows - and doodled as many flowers as would fit.

Nov 21_9

I mixed colors, traced in black, added dots and used lots of different nib sizes but I kept my doodles very similar. It's a great way to add order to a colorful or busy page.

Nov 21_10

I feel like I have finally figured out my doodle-style and that feels pretty good. I'm still learning and experimenting and practicing.  There is so much great inspiration out there, how about sharing who your favorite doodlers are in the comments? I love discovering new artists and new inspiration.

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  1. Well, Cathie, I think Joanne Sharpe is my favorite doodler. I'm actually enrolled in one of her online classes that I have yet to complete. In fact, I seldom complete any of my online classes. I learn something useful in each class but lose interest partway through. Getting back to your doodle, I love it. You are an inspiration and I think I just might let up on my critical self-judgment and start playing, again. Thank you.

    Oh, I've not actually started the practice of 10 minutes a day of art but maybe I will get back to it and join the crowd.

  2. I'm still a newbie and I just love your art and thanks for the heads up on the books and classes will have to check them out have a great thanksgiving

  3. Oh such yummy doodles, love your style and happy flower power!