Wednesday, 4 December 2013

December Daily 2013: Foundation Pages

Ok, I'm going to say right up front, I love December Daily. 

This year, I chose a SN@P album - the red leather one - with their various pocketed page protectors. I added a few elements in advance but my plan is to leave room for pics first and then add things in as I go along.

What I did make in advance was a bunch of 5x7 pages for the 6x8 page protectors. I used watercolor paper that I cut down to 5x7 and a lot of glitter. And I mean a lot of glitter. There's something about Christmas that calls for glitter in my world.

And I made a plan. I sat down with my album and my calendar and added little notes in the pockets so that I know what's happening throughout the month. It's helping me think about what kind of pictures I need to take each day and how many I need.

Here are my foundation pages.

Foundation Page 1

 The opening page.

Foundation Page 2

Here's the back side.

Foundation Page 3

I also added some pages from an old Christmas book that I cut up. Then I randomly put them in pockets throughout my album. I'm going to move them around as I need. I'll probably add more glitter. I mean, why stop now?

Foundation Page 4

Here's a close up of that glitter star page. I used Wendy Vecchi's Embossing Paste and Tim Holtz's Distress Glitter in Platinum. The glitter didn't stick to the embossing paste so I sprayed the whole thing with a coat of sealer. It worked like a charm.

Foundation Page 6

I love how these triangles turned out. It's lots of embossing powder and glitter. Yup, I had fun.

Foundation Page 9

And some glitter drips. I think I may have gone too far with glitter drips but I'm leaving it in because I can always take it out and make a different page if I want.

Foundation Page 10

And finally, some modelling creme from Viva decor through my Blazonry 6x6 stencil, some glitter and some glitter splats.

As you can see, my color scheme is gold and silver glitter and green. And I point that out because there isn't any blue in my plan. Oh, I know there will be blue in the album but it's not a part of the big picture - I just had to point that out because me not using blue on every page is worthy of a mention.

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  1. Not having blue as a base colour is definitely mention worthy for you! Love how it's looking so far!

    1. Thanks, Sara! I'm curious to see how it's going to go without relying on blue.