Wednesday, 22 May 2013

How to Use Your Stamps More Often...

I used to have a lot of stamps but I didn't stamp on my pages very often and that bugged me. So, I worked out a little system and now I manage to fit a little bit of stamping on most of my pages. I don't know if I'll ever be an uber-stamper but I have found my stamping groove and here's how.

First, I purged my stamp collection. They can't all be your favorites so get rid of the ones you don't love or won't use. Sell them or donate them but get them out of your space.  I've been doing this for awhile and I've whittled my collection down to my absolute favorites.

I store my wood block red rubber stamps in top tier of this wire basket.


Here are my background stamps.


And these are some sets that I use from time to time.


Second, take them with you.  I've discovered that if I have my stamps with me when I go to crops or classes, I'm more likely to use them. I can't bring them all with me, of course, so I've devised a little system that works really well for me.


I put my favorite acrylic stamps in clear DVD cases. It's mostly sentiments and arrows right now. I broke apart some sets and took out only my favorites. I kept the original sets so I can put these back with the others when it comes time to sell or donate the set. I wish I could say this genius idea is mine but it's one I borrowed from my friend and fellow Paperie design team member, Rae Lynn O'Keefe. Thanks, Rae Lynn.

Now make sure you have some ink. Just pick your very favorites. Right now, I have 4 ink pads in my basic scrapbooking kit: Archival Black and Red, Staz-On Dove Grey, and Galaxy Pigment Gold. That's it. These are the colors I prefer to stamp with so these are the only ones I have with me at all times. It's not very often I need another color and when I do, I can either borrow from a friend or wait until I get home. I've discovered that my fellow scrappers are very friendly and always willing to share.

And just to show that this little system does work, here is a page I made at The Paperie's Spring Retreat using the DVD-stamps.

Play Can be Such Hard Work

And here are some closeups of the stamping.

Play Can be Such Hard Work_closeup 5

Play Can be Such Hard Work_closeup 3

Play Can be Such Hard Work_closeup 2

It's all about making stamping work for you.  I know that I like sentiment stamps - preferably in a typewriter-like font but script is ok, too. For me, stamping is about adding little details to my page. I stamp when I'm adding embellishments. And because I know all that, I find that I don't waste money on stamps I won't use.

There are many talented stampers who do amazing things with their stamps. That's not my thing and I'm ok with that. My goal is to use my stamps more often and with these little tricks, I'm getting better at that.

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