Wednesday, 13 February 2013

the Undones: a Page Makeover

Once upon a time, I made this page.

A Boot is a Bucket

And I wasn't very happy with it so I ripped it apart and laid it on my Undone pile. I've been working my way through the layouts without journaling in my Undone pile (here and here) but I have some pages that need to be made over - like this one.

With a lot of fiddling and layering and tweaking, I changed the background paper and added a lot more layers.  Here's what the page looks like now.

What in the World?

But the best part is that while I was cleaning my desk I found 2 extra pictures that I thought I had lost but really needed to go on this page so I did this...

What in the World_Reveal

Oh, yes. It's an interactive page. I was inspired by my friend, Krista, who came up with last week's Mojo Monday challenge for The Paperie. It looks like a single photo page but it's not. To make this work, I used the teal heart washi tape on top and the grey airmail washi tape on bottom to create a hinge so you can reveal the pictures.  Obviously, I'm pretty pleased with myself - yeah, it doesn't take much...

In case you're wondering, that's Gabriel standing in the Atlantic Ocean holding his boot.  Yes, he's standing in the ocean in his stocking feet, holding his boot because we only had one bucket.  Problem solved - hahahaha!

So, here's to starting over, to trying something new and getting another page done.

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  1. Awesome! I even like the original LO, but the 2nd version is extra special!

  2. Thanks, Karen - that's a sweet to say. I hated to wreck the teal triangle paper but it just wasn't working - I still have scraps though...