Friday, 12 October 2012

Doodling + Coloring = FUN!

Hey all!

Today is a super quick post about my art journaling adventures this week.  And what's an adventure without back story?

 My little guy, Ben, loves to color and draw. As he's only 18 months old, it's basically scribbling. And he really loves it when I pick up a crayon or pencil and join in. (Kids really do just want your time and attention.) During one of our coloring sessions, I noticed I was coloring in the shapes he made with his scribbles and thought that would be fun to try in my art journal.

And it was.

AJED_Doodling & Coloring_1

For this page, I scribbled the lines in black Sharpie and then colored in the shapes with various Tombow markers. The overall effect is neat but the brush strokes from the marker is ugly so this page will probably become a background for something else.

So, then I tried drawing overlapping circles and coloring with watercolors.

AJED_Doodling & Coloring_2

And I like this page so much more. The paper in my art journal is not meant for watercoloring so it started pilling when I tried to add shading. Next time, I'll get some watercolor paper because this was too much fun not to try again. 

I love coloring, don't you?

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  1. Both these pages are so bright and colourful, I really like them both. Will have to try it myself.

    1. Thanks! I love using bright colors on my pages - makes me happy.

  2. The watercolour one turned out really nice!

    1. Thanks! That's my fav, too. Would you believe those are Crayola watercolors from Walmart? True story!