Tuesday, 5 June 2012

A tip about glue dots...

So, I was working on a page today when I figured out something so simple I had to share. 

I needed a way to glue down those cute little Studio Calico Wood Veneer birds that I had colored with Distress Stain. I didn't have any glue dots small enough so I made my own and you can too.

Snow White LO Bird Close up

All you need are your scissors and your glue dots. (You can probably see where I'm going with this.)

Glue Dots & Scissors

Then you take your scissors and cut your glue dots to make smaller glue dots. It's so simple I can't believe I didn't think of this before.

Here's a dot I cut into quarters.

Glue Dot Cut

Now the dots are small enough to fit behind the birds.  This works really well with the brand I use as the dots are sandwiched between wax paper and clear plastic. When I cut the dot the layers keep my scissors from getting sticky.  You can do this with the kinds that come on a roll, too.  Just use some extra wax paper to make your own sandwich before you cut the glue dot.

I know you can buy smaller dots but now I never have to worry about running out.  I hope this little tip helps you too.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!



ps: you really need to get those Studio Calico Wood Veneer Birds - they are awesome!

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