Monday, 2 April 2012

Making time for making things...

I have been thinking about my process lately. When I started scrapping I used spend hours on a page and I just don't have that kind of time right now.  I'm completely ok with never being "caught up" but I don't want to take forever to make pages I love.

So I started thinking about how I put a page together.  I'm most productive when I scrap from a kit (like The Paperie's monthly kit) or when I put together mini-kits from my own stash. To make the mini-kits, I sort through my photo pile and select some stories that I want to scrap right away. Then I take the pictures and match them up with some paper. That's it - pics and paper. It really doesn't take very long and now I have a pile of pages ready to scrap.


I've found this tweak works for me provided I keep my desk tidy.  It turns out an untidy desk is very uninspiring.  Who knew?

I love picking away at my stack of pages. I add some bling to one page then some more layers to another. I keep adding bits and pieces until the page is "done".  I might get only 10 minutes at a time but I'm doing something everyday.  I love that.  Whenever the pile gets low or there's nothing in there I want to work on, I just go to my pictures and make more mini-kits.

Check out this page I was working on yesterday. It still needs some journaling but it's mostly done. I would not have been able to get this far yesterday if it hadn't been in the mini-kit pile.

Wishing you a creative Monday.



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